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Jeremy Triblett is the founder of Jeremy Triblett LLC, where he designs evidence-informed presentations, curriculums, youth programs, and leadership development training for corporations and public figures across the nation. Before his current role, Jeremy served as a trainer and technical assistance director for Urban Underground, The Center For Youth Engagement, and Community Advocates Public Policy Institute.

Jeremy's insatiable passion for creating content that equips everyone to be their best selves has led to partnerships with nonprofits, international public figures, and Fortune 500 companies. He is sought out as a keynote speaker, lead trainer, presentation designer, or coach for agencies across the country.

He began his racial equity work with Marquette University after developing The Microaggression Game Training that uses scenario-based learning to help participants understand how marginalized people might interpret, internalize and react to daily subtle slights and insults. The Milwaukee County Executive Office later commissioned him to plan and facilitate the first enterprise-level strategic planning effort in 20 years around a vision of achieving racial equity to become the healthiest county in Wisconsin. He continued to advance racial equity initiatives as the creator of Serve Wisconsin, Wisconsin's National and Community Service Board's Racial Justice Training Series and Continuous Learning Initiative.


Jeremy provides training and design services for novice and experienced public speakers. He's dedicated to providing his clients with the tools they need to engage their audiences and develop outstanding presentations.

He offers cutting-edge training, both virtually and in person. His presentation design services include instructional design for teachers, facilitators and keynote speakers. He coaches our clients on how to tell compelling stories, create engaging learning processes and design learning materials. No matter if you're growing your speaking business or reimagining your classroom curriculum, you'll gain the tools to elevate your content for any audience.

Elevate your presentations with materials that complement speaking abilities. Jeremy redesigns old presentations creates new designs and provides templates for continuous use. His portfolio of designs includes handouts, posters, game materials, slide decks, sign-in sheets, feedback forms, guidebooks and more.