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We offer training across 4 areas in-person, live online and on-location. Follow these steps to find a learning experience that meets your needs.

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We offer over 20 learning experiences across four categories: Youth Engagement, Joyful Equity, People Leader Training and Facilitation and Content Desing. Each learning experience feature engaging activities, evidence-based information, and real-world applications..

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Explore proven techniques grounded in research to elevate the leadership abilities of young individuals, cultivate stimulating educational settings, and equip youth work experts with effective facilitation skills.Each training can be extended to include additional hours and or a panel of speakers for additional costs.

Nothing For Us Without Us

Illuminate best practices for engaging youth as leaders in collective impact initiatives.

Leadership Development

Practice applying Jeremy Triblett's 4 Step Leadership Development framework to a variety of program settings.

Adultism and Youth Rights

Learn strategies to recognize and combat adultism in youth-adult partnerships. 

Make Room for Youth Voice

Find exciting ways to to encourage youth to use their voice, collaborate and parter with adults.

Design Dope After School Experiences

Exchange best practices for designing after school activities, and learn how to retain youth involvement.

10 Components of Youth Centered Programs 

Explore the ten components of youth-centered programs that are fundamental to maintaining quality after school experiences for youth.



Enjoy fun, engaging, and creative learning strategies to ensure participants learn how to create an equitable environment personally and professionally. Joyful Equity trainings curate an enthusiastic culture of continuous learning related all forms of prejudice and discrimination. Each training can be extended to include additional hours and or a panel of speakers for additional costs.

Equitable Organizations Do what?

This training walks participants through a step-by- step process for developing a more equitable organization.


How to Leverage Your Power and Privilege  

Define equity, power and privilege and how they shape our personal and professional lives and explore strategies for leveraging power and privilege to benefit others.


If You Really Knew Me

Many well-meaning white people hold stereotypes, unfounded fears, biases, and racist beliefs about black people. These internal contradictions result from living in a racialized society and manifest as

covert racism. During this training, participants will learn how covert racism manifests amongst white people who consider themselves allies to racial justice.

DEI... Honestly

Take a step back, ask bold questions and reaffirm your commitment to advancing a more diverse, equitable and inclusive space.

When You See Something... Don Something!

Practice Jeremy’s  Intervention Process Model, and out scenarios that require an assessment of harm, de-escalation, supporting targets, intervening, repairing harm and advocating for change.

The Journey From Actor To Accomplice

Participants identify their level of engagement in anti-inclusion work and review recommendations for moving towards being an accomplice for change personally and professionally.

The Microaggression Game 

This scenario-based experience helps everyone understand the powerful impact of microaggressions and how others might interpret, internalize and react to slights and insults.

Facilitating Conversations About Equity

This training provides people with the tools to facilitate transformative discussions, methods for managing crucial conversations and rules for leading discussions about equity and identity.

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People leaders value professional development because they understand that investing in their employees' growth and development leads to increased productivity, satisfaction, and engagement. JTD&P's learning experiences ensure that the businesses stay current with changing industry trends and technology advancements.

The 7 C's of Team Effectiveness

Leadership teams will complete the 7 Drivers of Team Effectiveness Survey, analyze the results as a large group, answer the discussion questions and share discussion highlights. They'll gain greater incite into the strengths and challenged as a team and identify solutions they can implement immediately.

Leader's Retreat

Many leaders ask, “How can our organization align our culture and climate to fulfill our purpose?” This full-day retreat provides teams a chance to celebrate their impact, realign with their mission and identify opportunities for innovation. They'll walk away renewed, refocused and ready to implement strategies the produce results.

Managers Matter: We're Healthier Together

The manager's impact on the organization is most notable when decisions related to employee moral, change management and wellbeing need to be made. Learn to prioritize the manager’s health and wellness to increase the health of the entire organization.

Mission Drifting No More

Staff from every level of the organization will participate in strategic planning strategies designed to align their efforts towards their mission. Together, they'll review their organizational objectives, decision-making processes, and methods for tracking performance metrics.

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