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The Design Process

Take a look at our 4-Step Design & Present Process for creating materials, slide decks, training and curriculum that deliver results for our clients.

Step #1

We'll began with an online or in-person meeting to learn about your project vision and business needs. We'll explain our approach to presentation design, instructional design and facilitation. You'll leave confident in our ability to meet your needs and capture your vision. Afterward, we'll make a service proposal and start your project immediately!


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Sector: Religious Organization

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Concept: Study Manual That Compliments Published Book

Format: Print and Digital

Guidebooks, Posters & Handouts

We design high-quality materials, carefully crafted to provide valuable information and insights into our client's expertise.


Your materials will stand out due to their exceptional content, visual appeal, and user-friendly layout. Some key features of materials we design include:

  • Accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information

  • Table of contents, section headings, and subheadings

  • Striking photographs, illustrations, and other visual elements


Presentation Design

We researched the learning content, wrote the curriculum and developed PowerPoint presentations for more than 20 presentations. 

We take the original presentation to another level with high-quality graphics, harmonious color pallets and beautiful animations. 

With a modern design, this presentation is perfect for executive meetings and national conferences. 

Sector: For Profit LLC

Location: Franklin Wisconsin

Service: Presentation Design and Instructions Design

Format: Powerpoint

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Design Service
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