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Jeremy Triblett believes in the power of youth and family serving organizations to transform communities.
Community transformation cannot be achieved without partnering with youth and families. Then, and only then, are non profits, businesses, faith-based communities and governmental agencies positioned to win. This is why Jeremy Triblett would be your preferred partner.

Jeremy has a proven track record for designing, 

facilitating and assessing engaging youth programs. Which is why he develops customized content for youth 

work professionals  designed to retain and develop youth. His straight-forward and transformative 

approach equips youth and family serving organizations with best practices for developing youth into thriving adults.

He provides customized trainings, workshops and keynotes. Whether it's 90-minutes with your board members, three days for high potential leaders, or an  afternoon program with your direct service staff. He designs solutions and learning spaces that cultivate  effectiveness and 

innovation amongst your staff teams.

Many organizations are in need of sustainable change within their organization's culture and staff practices. Jeremy has developed and implemented multiple change management systems that empower organizations to 

implement more effective service systems. 

Jeremy Tiblett Logo Blue and Yellow.png

My Mission

I build partnerships with agencies dedicated to serving youth and families. Together we develop new leaders, improve services and create a more equitable and fair world.






Jeremy Triblett is a consultant and national trainer for business professionals on youth development, staff management, and human relations. 

He is skilled at advancing agency-wide strategies to improve staff performance through training and technical assistance. In his role as The Leadership Development and Youth Engagement Consultant, he uses evidence-based best practices and emerging research to build the competency of direct service, management level, and executive staff. He has been featured as a keynote speaker, lead trainer, presentation designer and coach for various organizations including: The Department of Children and Families, Milwaukee County,City Year Milwaukee, Public Allies Milwaukee, The Greater Milwaukee Foundation  The Burke Foundation, The National Leadership Council of Wisconsin, The Community Partnership for Health Equity and Ubuntu Research and Evaluation.


Throughout his career, he has acquired multiple certifications including a certificate of Entrepreneurship from UWM School of Continuing Education. Sense 2016 he has been a Youth Program Quality Intervention External Assessor, YPQI Manager Coach and Method Trainer for the David P. Wiekart Center. The National Council for Behavioral Health certified him as both a Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid trainer. Additionally, Jeremy was awarded certification to facilitate AED/CRP/First Aid trainings by American Red Cross in 2019. He is sought out as a premier facilitator, youth engagement specialist and leadership development coach.  


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